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Epos Parking Solutions is a sister company of Epos Global Sourcing and Epos Development LLC (, the award-winning real estate development and investment company located in Downtown Flushing, Queens. 


In October 2016, Epos was presented with the 2016 Queens Real Estate Achievement Award by Mayor de Blasio and the Queens Tribune.

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Epos is a vertically integrated construction and real estate development company having over 40 years of construction experience and $200M ground-up development in New York City. Our extensive years of experience have allowed us to specialize in custom manufacturing or sourcing directly from overseas factories a wide range of construction supplies, equipment or materials, including parking lifts. This expertise has not only ensured the delivery of high-quality products but has also resulted in substantial cost savings for ourselves and our clients, amounting to millions of dollars. 

Building upon our successful track record, we are excited to extend the advantages of our well-established network and abundant resources to other builders around the world.

By working with Epos, you gain access to a wealth of opportunities for incredible savings and seamless access to the world's finest parking equipment. Our expansive network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers enables us to negotiate favorable terms, secure competitive pricing, and maintain stringent quality control. With our service, you can reap the benefits of remarkable cost savings while effortlessly acquiring the best parking lifts available in the global market.

Our mission is to drastically cut your costs so that you may maximize your bottom line with parking systems of the highest quality.

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